Sometimes I get scared of myself. I can’t control it.

So I so the sea cost of Barcelona from the plane. It was beautiful. I felt nothing.

it makes me sick

You know what I hate most about people - it’s when they are chameleons, when I see how a person acts absolutely different in front of another person, says something absolutely different compared to what he shared with you a couple of minutes ago. Those people disgust me in a songle mone tif though those couple of minuted ago I felt we had something in common. Not anymore, not now. Sorry, not sorry. 

I wish I had time. But I can’t. No one can. It’s literally unbearable.

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These days of month

I caught myself upon thinking that every month for a period of 5 days or so I am literally dieing, little by little, dop by drop, month by month, if you know what I mean. It is not supposed to be like that. 

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Bigger than pain

Listening to sad songs that actually won’t make you feel any better when you feel blue, do help to get through this as these songs make you bigger than you are and consequently big enough to bear the pain, sorrow or whatever makes you feel blue.

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Having eaten the food I cooked myself I realised - I would marry myself.

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Little change changes everything

So I brushed my teeth with the other hand: everything seemed to change. The toothpaste tasted different, eyes caught the ring on finger, and even the water flow seemed to run in a different direction.